Bikash Maharjan (Nepal)

I grew up in mountain area and since childhood have been working in mountains up the mountains, and dhe to experience in weather and mountains i started working as a trekking guide on a regular basis since 2010.Due to the love with nature and adventure i have special touch for the local nature and cultures.i am passionatefor traveling and exploring and loves to share my experiences and adventures with fellow travelers with the story about the country and its people.My guest say i am smiling and entertaining guy but apart from that i am trained in awareness of the well-being and the safety of clients.I am proud to be what he calls ‘an unpaid ambassador of Nepal’, as I feel  that the trekking guide is responsible for providing a truthful and positive image of Nepal and I would love to continue and love to the mountains and my country Nepal i would love to invest my working for it and showing new people the beauty of nature.
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